Kers-10 Claims Championship #1

Kers-10 came in from Brooklyn to compete at the Khyber last night and ended up taking home the City League Championship for the night as well as the PBR quantity drinking championship (not an official event…see photo).

Kers-10, who was in town not just to play RPS but to scout out her locations for the Fringe Festival in September, was a step ahead of Delaware (the competitor, not the state) in the finals taking her out in three straight matches.  Delaware had apparently burned herself out taking down last week’s Khyber champ Claire Duncan in the final four.

“Roomates” Justin and Chris were both defeated by Kers-10 and you’ll see their picture up on the site a little later.

There will be no competition on memorial day at the Khyber. Make plans to attend one of the other Tues-Thurs competitions next week.

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