Urbanus turns 30, Bubba Polk Celebrates With Victory

Last night at the Khyber was  the most intense Rock Paper Scissors action of the City League Season thus far.

A few Highlights:

-Competitors singing happy birthday to their beloved referee and presentation of the traditional tasty cake

-Juan Buenostiempos (The Unruly Mexican) committing one of the greatest physical assaults ever on an opponent.  According to, this incident has caused Juan to retire from the sport in disgrace.

-Bubba of Suburbia trying time and time again to re-enter competitive play after losing in the first round.

-Two different people executing very late throws to which both of them STILL LOST the throw!  Unbelievable.  The object of cheating (which you won’t get away with) is to win.

-Of course, one of the best RPS matches ever in the finals which came down to the very last throw.  In the end, Bubba Polk took the title over Justin L.

-Someone grabbed the official PBRPRPSCLCS camera and left me a little birthday surprise (which include bits but not pieces).

-The eating of the tasty cake (pictured below).  The one my parents got me was better (pictured further below) but this one was still pretty good.

Overall, it was a heck of a night.

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