Why is this picture incredibly awesome?

First correct answer to the comments section gets half off admission to the keystone classic.

5 Responsesto “Why is this picture incredibly awesome?”

  1. jef hallestone says:

    Cause Lee Rammage (2004 World Champ) is in it? (Centre guy)

  2. urbanus says:

    Wrong answer.

  3. rhymeswithsausage says:

    It is awesome because C. Urbanus was a Top 16 Finalist and is somewhere on stage in the picture. (3rd from the right?)

  4. Loomer says:

    I thought you are the dude in the orangy pants.

  5. urbanus says:

    Loomer is correct. The answer was in a separate post.

    3rd from the right is either Dave or Ron, one of the “RPS Twins” that play at the World Champs every year.

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