Baconshark! 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion!

Baconshark of Team David Bowie’s Package took home the Title of 2007 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Champion by virtue of a 3 match to 0 win in the Championship match against Mr. Strawberry (team Feed the Pony).

A brief recap of the events starting with the round of 32:

Not surprisingly, there was only one (one!) upset in the first round, with Posthumyn (seeded 51) defeating Lady Fox (seeded 33).

In the round of 32, there were no upsets in Arena A, with seeds 1-4 and 10-13 all advancing into the round of 16.  Upstairs in Arena B things were a bit different with half of the matches ending with lower seeded players advancing.  The most stunning upset of the round was a Team Feed the Pony showdown, with Rock Doctor (seeded 5) eliminated by Bean (seeded 32).  In a sport usually dominated by women, Bean became the only woman to make it to the final 16.  Notable: The Foes of Strawberry get 5 of 6 through to the final 16, The Majestic 12 send 3 to the final 16,  The Dutch Army is eliminated, and all but Baconshark from Team David Bowie’s Package are disqualified.

Full scorecard for the final 32:

  1. 2006 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Johnny Goodtimes (1) defeats Posthumyn (51)
  2. El Toro Papaya (2) defeats Sometimes Scissors (40)
  3. Paper Tiger (3) defeats #3 ranked player in the world Vertical Paper (38)
  4. Mr. Strawberry (4) defeats Sassy Kicks Some Assy (36)
  5. Bean (32) defeats Rock Doctor (5)
  6. The Fighting Mongooses (6) defeats Zombie Llama (30)
  7. Once, Twice, Three Times a Paper (29) defeats Dan Pike (7)
  8. Dance Rock Saskatchewan (9) deeats Metisyahu (28)
  9. Frankie 13 (10) defeats Rock F***er (26)
  10. Master Fister (11) defeats Halen Katz (25)
  11. Billy Shears (12) defeats April Annie Smacks Some Fanny (24)
  12. Scissors Blizzard (13) defeats Lobster Mobster (23)
  13. This Rock is a Pipe Bomb (22) defeats Grim Trigger (14)
  14. 2 Backups (15) defeats Catalina (20)
  15. Pacifist (19) defeats PJ Rhymeswithsausage (16)
  16. Baconshark (17) defeats Female Ninja Whore (18)

In the round of 16, the lowest seeded qualifier is #32, who is quickly eliminated by 2006 Champion Johnny Goodtimes.  In the upsets of the night both the #1 & 2 point scorers on the year El Toro Papaya and Paper Tiger are taken down respectively by Once, Twice Three Times a Paper and This Rock is a Pipe Bomb, both from The Foes of Strawberry who put three of five players into the final 8.  To the Foes dismay, Mr. Strawberry also advances.  Frankie 13, for the second year in a row, has made the final 8.  Full final 16 results:

  1. 2006 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Johnny Goodtimes (1) defeats Bean (32)
  2. Once, Twice, Three Times a Paper (29) defeats El Toro Papaya (2)
  3. This Rock is a Pipe Bomb (22) defeats Paper Tiger (3)
  4. Mr. Strawberry (4) defeats the Pacifist (19)
  5. Baconshark (17) defeats The Fighting Mongooses (6)
  6. 2 Backups (15) defeats Dance Rock Saskatchewan (9)
  7. Frankie 13 (10) defeats the Scissors Blizzard (13)
  8. Billy Shears (12) defeats Master Fister

The Final 8 saw only 1 upset, with Baconshark defeating Frankie 13.  All the remaining Foes of Strawberry are eliminated (as Mr. Strawberry advanced) and 2006 Champion Johnny Goodtimes is 1 match away from qualifying for the finals again, much to the dismay of the crowd.

Round of 8 results:

  1. 2006 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Johnny Goodtimes (1) defeats Once, Twice, Three Times a Paper (29)
  2. Mr. Strawberry (4) defeats This Rock is a Pipe Bomb (22)
  3. Baconshark (17) defeats Frankie 13 (10)
  4. Billy Shears (12) defeats 2 Backups (15)

The final 4 saw the crowd cheering wildly for Baconshark as he tried to deny Johnny Goodtimes the shot at winning the PBRPRPSCLCS for the second year in its’ two year history.  Baconshark gave the crowd something to cheer about, as the Champ took him down to the last throw, but Baconshark’s Paper covered the Champ’s Rock and the dream of a repeat was over.    (Below: 2006 Champ Johnny Goodtimes following a hard fought loss and Baconshark salutes the crowd after his victory as Mr. Strawberry celebrates the Champ’s defeat in the background)

Mr. Strawberry went toe-to-toe with Billy Shears of the Majestic 12 and came out on top, making it a team David Bowie’s Package Vs. Team Feed the Pony showdown to see who the 2007 Champion would be. (Below: Mr. Strawberry celebrates his move to the Championship Match)

In the Finals, many expected Baconshark to be worn out from the match against Johnny Goodtimes, but he started out strong taking Mr. Strawberry in the first 2 matches without giving up a point.  Mr. Strawberry tied things up 1-1 in the 3rd match, but Baconshark proved to be far too strong a foe of Strawberry on the night, winning the match, the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Championship, and $1000 in a 3 match to 0 shutout.  Team David Bowie’s Package hoisted Baconshark far above the crowd and Mr. Strawberry offered his congratulations knowing that he was just one match away from immortality as the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion.

Congratulations also go to to T. Riley II of the Dutch Army, who won a hard fought Street RPS competition on the night (below)


The PBRPRPSCLCS would like to also thank guest referees The Saint and Dahmernator for assisting throughout the tournament as well as Title Sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon and all the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Competitors for making this the premier Rock Paper Scissors league in the USA.

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