Bean Takes the Cake at Jager’s!

Bean (Above, with a copy of the Official RPS Strategy Guide by Doug and Graham Walker) sprouted her way to a victory at the last event at Jager’s of the 2007 season.  She took down Get Your Rocks Off in the Championship match.  Bean used her patented nonchalant close to the body prime to easily clinch her spot in the 2007 City League Championship.  Bean added “I just hope I don’t have to go in there and knock off someone from my own team like the Rock Doctor early on in the Championship.”

The Street RPS competition ended in a straight up tie, so Kamen Rider Scissors (above) and Senorita Carambola had to go head to head one last time with Kamen Rider Scissors emerging with a victory.  He then thanked the club directly above Jager’s for helping him to victory. 

All competitors were again treated to strawberry cake (for some reason) by the official cake supplier of the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS – total points leader El Toro Papaya. 

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