Catalina Takes Home the Salad in January!

Well, it’s already January and this month’s monthly tournament was a great success.  While technically a rookie, Catalina (not the model) has trained long and hard with a well known CL player so her victory came as no surprise to the crowd on hand.  Catalina (not the Colombian female tennis player) took out Mr. Strawberry in the finals and then took home $40 for her troubles.  Catalina (not the subspecies of the butterfly Desert Orangetip that is found only on Santa Catalina Island) addressed the press corps by announcing that this was only a taste of what is to come from Catalina (not the full-size Pontiac model from the ’50’s to the 80’s ) and that this victory was just the first small step towards her ultimate goal of 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS champ.  She also said that Mr. Strawberry really tanked it up there at the end(OK…she didn’t really say that…but everyone who was there knows anyway).

The Rangler (below) won the street RPS tournament against somebody.  He then spilled a can of PBR (not on purpose) for his homegirl (and 2006 top-ranked female player) My Fingers Make Me Happy, who moved to Ohio.

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