Dance Rock Saskatchewan Does Victory (Rock) Dance at Atlantis!

Dance Rock Saskatchewan took home the title at Atlantis on Sunday, defeating all those who dared show up to take him on for the title.  He marched easily to finals and said that “I was so on my game tonight, it was like the competition was nonexistent.  I don’t even remember anyone coming close to defeating me”.

This was also the first PBRPRPSCLCS event refereed by someone other than C. Urbanus and reports indicate that the crowd on hand applauded him for a job well done.  Said Dance Rock Saskatchewan: “I though he did a great job with my matches, although I didn’t really notice the others.  I was too busy trying to figure out where my next opponent was going to come from”.

In a rare daily double, DRS also won the Street RPS Competition on the night.  He ended up holding all the money at the end as well as a total of 10 2007 points.

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