El Toro Papaya Clinches Most Points in 2007! Championship Info!

El Toro Papaya has clinched the top in total points on the season as he currently has 84 with only one event left to go.  Paper Tiger is currently in second with 59, but there figures to be a tight battle for the number 2 spot at the Dive tonight as most of the competitors in position to get the 2 spot will be competing there tonight.

As far as the 2007 Championship goes, here are a few details and more will be posted after the final event of the season tonight:

You will get an e-mail tonight/very early tomorrow indicating if you have qualified either as a competitor or a likely to compete alternate.  You must have attended at least 3 events this season to get in as an alternate.  The standings have changed quite a bit during double points week, and the final standings will be posted after the conclusion of the season tonight.  If you need more points (or 1 more event to be eligible as an alternate) get to the Dive tonight.

The event will be at Whiskey Dix Saloon (N. 7th between Callowhill and Spring Garden).  Registration will begin at 6 and the competition will begin at 7.  Unlike regular season events, this will be promptly at 7.

If you are a qualifier or alternate, there is no entry fee.  Spectators have to put up $5, but they will still be eligible to win the Street RPS prize of $100.

The full collection of 2007 City League merchandise will be on sale.  T-shirts ($15), pint glasses ($6 or 2 for $10) and the Official RPS Strategy Guide ($10).  Or while supplies last you can pick up the City League party pack, which is all of the above for $30.  This includes 2 pint glasses.

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