El Toro Papaya Feeds the Pony at Jager’s!

It came down to perhaps most exciting group of  final four matchups in PBRPRPSCLCS history as The Rangler, El Toro Papya, Paper Tiger and Rock Doctor all qualified for the semi-finals.  But it would be El Toro Papaya who claimed his second victory of the week(!), a feat only accomplished once before in CL history, when Female Ninja Whore won on consecutive nights at Tritone and The Dive. 

The night also saw the formation of team Feed the Pony, named after the famous Team UK (original) move of throwing Paper with the palm facing up.  Rock Doctor shocked and excited the crowd by using this move at match point against Pete the Beat and El Toro Papaya used it effectively to set the tone in the championship match against Paper Tiger.

The Fighting Mongooses won the Street RPS for the second time this year by a thin margin of 33-30 against Dance Rock Saskatchewan. 


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