El Toro Papaya takes the Early Lead for the #1 seed!

El Toro Papaya took the early lead at this early point in the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS by winning both the Sunday night event at Atlantis as well as the street RPS portion of the event.  That adds another 10 points to his season totals, bringing him to 17.  El Toro was seeded 4th last year, but already has accumulated over 1/3 of the points he did last year in 3 events with vastly improved play and strategy in his quest to be the #1 seed in 2007.

Said El Toro : “I’m pretty inspired by the fact that being the #1 point scorer in 2006 got Paper Tiger on the street money this year.  Maybe if I do get the #1 seed I’ll organize some sort of alternative fuel bus for everyone up to Toronto this year.”

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