Grim Trigger Breaks Out of His Funk at the Dive!

Grim Trigger, who was riding the coldest streak perhaps ever seen in the history of competitive Rock Paper Scissors play, finally got out of the first round in 2007.  Once he got that first taste of victory there was no stopping him, as he moved on all the way to the finals and took a tough match from Sometimes Scissors.  Even though his own team (The Majestic 12) were chanting “Sometimes Scissors Always a Winner”, Grim Trigger showed them up and got the 3rd victory of the year for the MJ-12.

Thgere was so much RPS fever in the air that there were two tournaments held back-to-back.  There wasn’t anything on the line except pride and a love of the game (and Mad Dog 20/20).  Bad Boyz from South Philadelphia made South Philadelphia proud by taking the title by defeating usual referee C. Urbanus in a 5 set match.  Bad Boyz also won the Street game after originally tying 50-50 with Billy Shears at the end of regulation.  Bad Boyz then refused to have his picture taken due to “concerns about the safety of my hand ” in South Philadelphia.

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