Last Week of Competition Will Be Double Points Week!

The last week of the 2007 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League starts this Monday at Bob & Barbara’s with the Championship to take place next Saturday, June 9th at Whiskey Dix Saloon (registration will be from 6-7).  A few things:

-The final week will be Double Points Week.  If you think you need more points to qualify or move up in the standings, get out and play this week.  You may compete up to 4 times.

-It’ll be $2 to play during Double Points Week, but part of the proceeds will be going towards, which is run by (at least in part) 2005 Keystone Classic 3rd place finisher and Dutch Army member Tim Riley.  Mr. Riley hasn’t been able to compete this season as he has, you know, been trying to help find a cure for cancer.

-The top 63 will be invited to play (as well as some alternates) in addition to 2006 Champion Johnny Goodtimes.

-Make sure when you sign up this week that you write down your e-mail.  This is how competitors will be notified if they have qualified.  The e-mails will arrive anytime from Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday morning.

-Standings are now updated. 

One Responseto “Last Week of Competition Will Be Double Points Week!”

  1. papertiger says:

    Bad night. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd night.
    I had managed to scrabble my way up to
    3rd place in PRS cityleague, and it’s DOUBLE
    POINTS WEEK, I wait all year for double fucking points week,
    YOu can smell blood in the air , everyone is electrified,
    the old hats & the newbies who are getting hooked,
    because after this week, this SAturday in fact,
    one of us will walk out of Whiskey Dick’s a thousand
    dollars richer. All for playing RPS…

    So I managed to take 3rd place by one point,
    and the 2nd place holder is going to be out all week
    until thurs, I’ve even printed out the point standings & have it in my back
    pocket [which is TOTALLY out of character for me!]
    so I’m thinking I’ve got a shot @ number one as long as he does poorly &
    I just don’t got out the first round.

    like an octagenarian @ the free meth night mosh pit.
    THen this self deprecating toadstool decides to go home,
    after he apologizes & gives me his street money. I mean
    FUCK , I don’t want your street money , I haven’t won a street
    game since…..ever, actually. You can shove the apology too,
    you won fair & square, but c’mon dude,
    after throwing a wrench into my works , the least, THE VERY LEAST
    he could do is stick the fuck around, I mean , the Sci-Fi channel will still be there
    with your Star Trek Porn when you get the FUCK BACK
    to your basement apt that smells like feet & stale corn chips.

    Which is exactly what my apt smells like because I haven’t had a chance to clean it
    in weeks…but I digress, so I go back to work @ 11PMish to finish a backpiece
    for one of my closest friends that has been lingering because I work 2 jobs
    so I have no time to clean, let alone draw, & some how no fuckin ca$h to pay the
    tickets that are going to get my licsense suspended for the 4th time
    this year, let alone get groceries like corn chips , so I can’t figure why my apt smells like that. Oh , and did I mention I’m lazy, oh so lazy. Sloths call me a slacker.
    Snails & glaciers tell me to pick up the pace. I CAN SEE REDWOODS grow
    like they’re in A TIME LAPSE FILM. So I have to to a a little redesign and
    if I can be frank, my design sucks, suck, suck, sucky suck.
    & then email the design @ midnite cause he’s got an appointment with a very
    exclusive tattooist, but Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,
    I’m there ’til 4AM , so I have to take the Late nite EL Shuttle bus,
    now the “El” is the elevated subway line [I know, I know its
    an oxymoron, if its elevated how can it be sub? Shut up, if you're
    looking for a company that gets itself 20 million in debt & still
    gets cash from the city while cutting it's shitty services to make
    sense you are looking for an analogy in a similie factory]
    Now the “el” smells of fresh urine every day, but the Late night EL Shuttle
    is FILLED with all the people who have been kicked off the “El”
    for pissing. This group makes sideshow banners look like Greek
    fucking sculptures, they’d vote John Merrick “Best Looking”.
    And now I’m riding with them. I don’t like where this is going.
    Please let’s not do the math. Do not show your work. Pencils down, people.
    Or better yet push them into your ear real, REAL hard.

    So, I run home to Holiday inn Fritos to grab 2 hrs of sleep before work.
    I’m awoken by my cell phone & my boss’s voice asking’ “where the hell are you?”

    So my …point .. um, Dude you suck, but I apparently suck a bit more.

    See you Saturday.

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