Maynard G. Tibbinsbottom says “What’s All This Then?” at Jager’s!

Maynard G. Tibbinsbottom (file photo above due to camera malfunction) applied the tibbins to both the top and the bottom of all other competitors this week at Jager’s.  He beat the Pacifist in the final round in a loss in front of a large crowd that the Pacifist called “shocking”.  MGT meanwhile, commented that “Even though I can’t make the Championship, the players will know who the best in town really is.”[I don't believe he was referring to 2006 Champ Johnny Goodtimes - Ed.] He then added “I really like these City League pint glasses.  Too bad they came in a month late, but I think 2 for $10 is a pretty good price.”

Hokie Pokie Electric Slid his way to the Street RPS victory on the night.  He then chicken danced into the night as it began raining men.  Halleluhah!

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