Philadelphia Returns Empty Handed From Toronto

Quick update with more to come in the next few days regarding the World RPS Championships in Toronto.

12 players from Philadelphia headed up to bring the title home, and they went 0 for 12 in this attempt.  Urbanus placed the best (surprise, surprise), advancing to the round of 32 (out of 512 competitors) before being eliminated (just barely) nearly making it to the final 16 two out of three years running.  Vertical Paper, formerly ranked number 3 in the World was the second best player from Philly on the night.  Unfortunately, one member of Team Norway advanced just as far as Urbanus, which put a bit of a damper on the night (if not a World Championship, then the 2nd goal of Philadelphia was to place higher than Norway).

In the end, we saw the first US champion as well as the first female Champion.  Read all about it here.  Congrats to Andrea Farina of Syracuse.  Go USA!

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