RPS Documentary Wins Peoples Choice Award at Calgary Film Festival!

Pabst Blue Ribbons all around! Mike Mckeown’s documentary “Rock Paper Scissors” was voted the American Express People’s Choice Award winner at the Calgary Film Festival.

Here are a few reviews of the film (more as I get them):

This was found using Google Blog search:

“My personal favorite character, C. Urbanus, did not have his passport in order to come to Canada. Once you see the film, you might not be surprised at that.”

This was an e-mail I received:

“Your stuff got so many laughs and universally people told me how much they loved Urbanus in the film. I have no doubt that had you been there, you would have gotten a standing ovation.”

Facebook Message:

it got an awesome reception, and pretty much everyone i talked to afterwards wanted your autograph (and/or to be the mother of your child).

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