Scissor Sister Cuts Down the Pacifist at Jager’s!

Scissor Sister came out from behind the bar at Jager’s to knock off the rest of the competition field at Jager’s.  She defeated the Pacifist in the finals, in a championship match that camed down to the last throw in the last set (we’ve seen a lot of those lately).  The bitter RPS players in the crowd still tipped well, proving once again that RPS is a gentleman’s (and ladies) game.  The Pacifist knocked off newcomer Dreams of Pumpernickel on his way to the finals, perhaps the only player in league history to be booed louder than the Pacifist.

It wasn’t all heartbreaking loses for the Pacifist though.  He did win the Street RPS Challenge over Get Your Rocks Off (GYRO) by a score of 68-37 and got that 2 extra points toward his season totals.  When asked afterwards if he would be bringing his infamous briefcase to the CL Championship, the Pacifist answered “Perhaps”.

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