Univega Shocks Urbanus (and the World) at Atlantis!

PBRPRPSCLCS Executive Director C. Urbanus shocked everyone by getting into the competition field at Atlantis on Sunday.  To no one’s surprise, he advanced to the Finals where he met up with a streaking Univega.  While sharing announcing and competition duties, Urbanus went down two matches to zero with Univega a point away from claiming the Championship.  Urbanus (widely recognized as the greatest Rock Paper Scissors player in Philadelphia) came back quickly to tie things up 2 matches each but the comeback fell a bit short as Univega claimed victory in the final match.  On a side note, C. Urbanus is also widely recognized as the greatest Rock Paper Scissors referee in Philadelphia. 

Univega also won the street match in a blowout, spoiling the return of Swiss Army founding members Zack of All Trades and Best of 1 (below) who were in town for one night only.  They both lost in the first round but keep your ear to the street for some RPS action they’ll be running up Brooklyn way in the near-to-distant future.

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