Vertical Paper Returns! Avalanch! (sic) Wins Again!

#3 ranked player Vertical Paper returned to competitive play for the first time since December upon his return from Japan, but the mysterious Avalanch! (who rejected membership in the Majestic 12 in the off season) is still undefeated at the Dive after defeating Master Fister in a sudden death 3 match to 2 down to the last throw thriller showdown in the finals. 

It wasn’t a good night for teams, as Megan’s Law and Demolition Rickshaw were all eliminated in round 1 and the Majestic 12 (who all made it to round 2) did not send a member past the second round.  The only group that seemed to be focused on the night was Friends of Strawberry, who don’t really call themselves that.  At least not yet.

Frankie13 won the Street RPS by a count of 55-34.  He defeated his arch-nemisis The Fighting Mongooses, who had defeated F13 earlier in the first round of play.  This is quickly becoming the greatest player rivalry of the season.  On a side note, happy birthday to F13.  His birthday was last week. 


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