Welcome to Squirrel and Porcupine!

The PBRPRPSCLCS is pleased to welcome our new partner, Squirrel and Porcupine (a play by Alec Coiro, the PBRPRPSCLCS acclaimed writer/prooducer/director/star of Kid Dynamo and the Cookie Cutters Club). 

Squirrel and Porcupine is the muscial adventure of a young squirrel and a young porcupine who wander away from their woodland home.  It is also the story of two metropolitan-seeming Canadians who wander into the quaint woodland hamlet to do a little antiquing and…meddling.

It’ll be running in New York from March 1-10.  Tickets aren’t available yet, but should be shortly.  Check out for full details.

There may even be a chance to win yourself some free tickets at the March PBRPRPSCLCS tournament in a few weeks.

One Responseto “Welcome to Squirrel and Porcupine!”

  1. Master Roshambollah says:

    Wow! Alex Coiro. Boy does that name take me back…

    Alex, known at the time as “Stupid Fingers,” was my first real RPS nemesis. Along with his sidekick, Dennis Trinity, Alex was a persistent thorn in my side before and during the inaugural 2002 International World Championship in Toronto. We were both profiled by a documentary crew that year, and our battle waged on throughout the entire coverage. Specifically, Alex (the “Charles Bronson” of RPS) made reference to my “goat eyes,” and at one point said “[Rosh] reminds me of my dad.”

    Those were good times. One can know a man by the quality of his enemies. Enemies of Alex’s caliber are hard to find.

    We eventually buried the scissors, however. During the 2004 NE Classic, Alex honored me by using my patented finishing move, the “no-look rock.” “This one’s for you, Master!” he exclaimed, as he primed three times, turned his head, threw rock…and lost.

    It should also be remembered that Alex used to front the greatest band of all time, 3.5 Megabytes. Under the stage name “Perverticus,” Alex belted out songs of robot love and sexual perversion, accompanied by a young C. Urbanus, then known as “Master Control Program.”

    I welcome Alex’s foray into the theater with something approaching anticipation.

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