Custardchuk is in Town!

Some of you may remember Australia’s resident RPS professional Custarchuk from the 2006 City League Championship or perhaps you’ve spent some time with him at the 2006 or 2007 World Championships.

Even if you don’t know him, you bloody well should and he just happens to be in town again after a first round loss at Roshambo Winery this past weekend.  He lost not to a woman or a child, but to a woman holding a child.  This is among the worst nightmares of many a RPS pro.

So if you’d like to take on the best Australia has to offer e-mail or text the best America has to offer (C. Urbanus) and once the plan is solid you’ll know what’s going on.  Even though the plan is not solid as far as location it is solid as far as activities, which include: drinking beer, playing a bit of RPS, having an enjoyable evening that we can all recall with fondness in Toronto this fall at the World RPS Championships (attendance at the World Championships is mandatory for all City League players).

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