Don’t look for the PBRPRPSCLCS on Facebook Anymore

If we used to be friends on Facebook, I didn’t defriend you.  It seems that Facebook decided that “Philadelphia RPS City League” is a fake name…and I guess they are kind of right.  The PBRPRPSCLCS may try to get this account reinstated under an individual name.  The events feature on Facebook is pretty sweet for off-season tourneys.

Update: a member of the PBRPRPSCLCS Executive Committee has signed up for a personal account and created a PBRPRPSCLCS group.  If you were friends with the old PBRPRPSCLCS entity or would like to be friends with the new one, do a friend search for sring(at)northeastrpschamps(dot)com or just a group search – I’d think that Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors may do the trick.  Supposedly, anyone who was friends with the old one will be automatically hooked up to the new group once the request is processed.

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