Hisae Arai of Yokohama Japan Wins Camden Riversharks Rock Paper Scissors Tourney!

Congatulations to Hisae Arai (friend of the Majestic 12) of Yokahama Japan (where they call RPS Jen Ken Pon and widely considered the most RPS-friendly culture in the world) who defeated Mr. Strawberry in the finals on the big screen in a Championship match that came down to the last throw.  Hisae Arai had to overcome a variety of rule changes from what how she usually plays in her league at home, including a different prime count and a different idea what the throw of Scissors should look like when thrown here in the US.  Regardless, she took out the talented Mr. Strawberry, who’s becoming quite good at placing 2nd in the bigger tournaments.

Thanks to everyone who came out and an even bigger thanks to the Riversharks for having us.  All the refs (even if you weren’t called into action) will still receive their 10 point credit and all competitors will get a 5 point credit. 

There will be video footage of Baconshark’s ceremonial pitch sometime soonish.  We also now know which side of the family Baconshark gets it from as his mom placed in the final four, only to be defeated by the eventual champ.  Mr. Strawberry knocked out the only child in the tournament in the final 8, so boo him a lot this week.

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