Mid-Week Score Update! Remember: No RPS at the Dive This Thursday!

Well, since there is no Thursday event this mid-week score update is also the end of week score update.  The standings page will be updated most likely on Thursday.

Loomer continues to lead in total points with 29.  The top 5 finish like this: Billy Shears (24), Paper Tiger (23), PJ Rhymeswithsausage (21) and Le Tigre (19).  These standings will most likely look quite different after bonus points are awarded this weekend.  The bonus points count only towards individual season totals and not team points.

The Street RPS race is getting a little tighter as Posthumyn continues to lead with 187, but Billy Shearz is in second place 163.  Loomer is 3rd at the moment with a season count of 112.

The Majestic 12 continue to hold a commanding lead in the team prize category.  They have raised their season total to 94.  They played like people this week and like not RPS robots who are programed only to win like last week, scoring a total of 13 points as compared to the 54 points scored the week before.  The Paper Cut Posse continue to recruit hard and are currently in 2nd with 50 points.  David Bowie’s Package is in 3rd with 42 points.  There are still 5 weeks left, so it is possible to make up ground in the team standings.  And of course, there is always the possibility of a double points week.

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