Mustaches for Kids in Philadelphia?

The PBRPRPSCLCS Executive Committee, always fond of both mustaches and finding ways to make a positive difference in the local community for a change, has passed a resolution to begin exploratory research for the establishment of a Mustaches for Kids Philadelphia chapter.

If any members of the PBRPRPSCLCS community would be interested in taking part of this do-gooderness around the holiday season, please contact C. Urbanus at urbanus(at)rpscityleague(dot)com.  Remember, this is for the kids and you will actually be expected to raise money.

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  1. Katie Bisbee says:

    Let’s join Mustaches forces! There are a group of folks starting up a Mustaches for Kids chapter in Philadelphia.

    They are still working on the website, but here is the Facebook group:

    If you guys want to get in touch, please email us at, and at

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