New Events Added at Skinners including 100th City League Event!

That’s right…there have been 2 tournaments added to the 2008 schedule.  There will be no Memorial Day City League action at the Khyber next Monday, so that one will be moved to Wednesday, May 28th at Skinners (Market between 2nd and 3rd).  There will also be 4 nights of RPS the last week of the season with another Skinners tourney on June 4. 

The first Skinners match also will happen to be the 100th Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Event!  This includes in-season, off-season and CL Championships.  So thanks to all the players and sponsors who have made this possible, especially Pabst Blue Ribbon who has been the Title Sponsor every year.  After a quick running of the numbers, it looks like your local ref has been a party to somewhere in the area of 1,835 matches over the past three years.  This hopefully qualifies him for some sort of award from the World RPS Society and hopefully that award has a cash prize.

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