Quick Update

As we around the City League offices continue to wrap up the loose ends (and enjoy leftover cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon) of a wildly successful 2008 season, here’s a few things:

-The full update on the Championship and Mr. Is’ victory will be posted at latest Tuesday night.

-If you have photos from the Championship, or want to look at photos from the Championship, there’s a Flickr group for it.  It’s right here.  Please add photos if you have them.

-Although the season just wrapped up, it just so happens that US great (retired) Master Roshambollah and Australian sensation Custardchuk will be in town this Thursday night…I’m sure many of you will remember them (especially Custardchuk) from the 2006 City League Championship.  If you’d like to stop by and say hello and maybe play a few friendly matches, give a yell to off-season social director C. Urbanus at urbanus(at)rpscityleague(dot)com and he’ll let you know where this is all going down.

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