Rock Paper Scissors Day for the Camden Riversharks on May 3rd!

Many of you may know that May 3rd is going to be RPS day at the Camden Riversharks game against the Newark Bears.

Among the RPS-related things going down on this wonderful day:

2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Baconshark will be throwing out the first pitch!

A 128 competitor RPS tournament before the game!

Extra 2008 Season points!

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The details on this:

Tickets are $10 for the game.  Either buy them yourself from the Riversharks or if you’d like to sit with other RPS professionals, let Event Coordinator C. Urbanus know via e-mail and he will count it when he puts in his ticket request a week or two before the game.

The game is at 5:05 PM, so the tourney will go down around 3 PM.  It is highly probable that there will be a pregame meetup at Locust Bar around 1 PM so everyone going can hop on the PATCO to head over as a group. 

As mentioned, there will be a 128 person tournament before the game.  This is most likely a 21 and up affair.  The winner gets a Riversharks prize package.  Finals will take place on top of one of the dugouts between innings.  If you do attend and play, I will award 5 extra 2008 season points to your totals.  If you happen to win, there will be an additional 10 points awarded to your season totals.

16 refs are needed to make this go down in a quick and timely manner.  Refs will be awarded 10 points towards their season totals for providing this service.  I will also credit each referee the cost of a game ticket ($10) towards their 2008 PBRPRPSCLCS entry fees.  They will also be allowed to play.  The final groups to play in the first round will be the referees against each other.  Those that win continue on in the tournament.  Those that lose will continue to ref the remaining matches.  Refs will be required to ref 1 group of 8 in the 1st round,   1 group of 8 in the round of 64, 1 group of 4 in the final 32.  Head referee C. Urbanus will handle all matches from the final 16 on.

So far the following have volunteered to provide referee services (if you had earlier volunteered and are not on the list contact Head Referee C. Urbanus):

2007 Champion Baconshark

2006 Champion Johnny Goodtimes

Mr. Strawberry

PJ Rhymeswithsausage

Zombie Llama

El Toro Papaya

This Rock is a Pipe Bomb

Pete the Beat

The Hood



Jeff Hill

Rumor has it that 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Baconshark is throwing a party afterwards that all PBRPRSCLCS players are invited to.

The Riversharks have agreed to supply a 50-50 table at the game in return for the PBRPRPSCLCS running this event.  So this is going to be a fundraiser for the 2008 PBRPRPSCLCS Championship fund.  If all goes according to plan, the PBRPRPSCLCS will become a fully sanctioned World RPS Society event.  This means that the 2008 Champion, in addition to the $1000 prize, will be invited to the 2008 World Championships in Toronto and have a seeded spot into the final 64 [I had the info on this wrong in a previous version - Urbanus] competitors.  The PBRPRPSCLCS will also have to provide further travel and lodging expenses in addition to the sanctioning fee that needs to be paid to make this happen.  If the Executive Committee doesn’t believe that Sanctioning can be achieved as the season progresses, then the funds raised will be released into the prize pool for the 2008 season.

So tell your friends and family to come out and support their local RPS City League and minor league baseball team on May 3rd!


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