Week 2 Wrap-Up and Notes – No RPS at the Dive 5/1!

A few quick announcements / reminders:

There is no RPS at the Dive on Thursday, May 1st. 

Don’t forget about the Riversharks game.  What you get:  Extra points for playing or being a ref, $5 (for a total of $15) extra gets you all the beer and wings you like for 2 hours, Baconshark will throw out the first pitch, there is going to be a 50-50 which will be added to the prize pool that you guys are going to win, and an afterparty at the Champ’s house (thanks, Baconshark!).  So get the word out and tell people to head over to Camden next Saturday.  You need to order in advance, so send an e-mail to urbanus(at)rpscityleague(dot)com for more details.  Tournament starts at 3:30, game starts at 5:05.  Commissioner Urbanus will be following up with a lot of you personally this weekend regarding this event.

Week 3 starts Monday, and I’ve been letting everyone get settled in with the team rules.  But starting Monday, they will be in full force.  This means there will be a one event probationary period for new team members who are added to the existing roster on file at the PBRPRPSCLCS office.  If there is someone that needs to be added to your roster, send an e-mail to Urbanus by the end of the weekend with the players that need to be added.

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