Zombie Llama Wins!!!

Zombie Llama of Team David Bowies Package returned to the Finals last night for the first time since “the Incident” and took down the Fighting Mongooses of the Majestic 12 in a match that was all decided by the last throw in the 5th and final match.  The Fighting Mongooses had a 1-0 lead in both match 4 and 5, but Zombie Llama used some sort of well known defense to take the Championship on the night.  This is the 2nd member of David Bowie’s Package to get a win this season, with only Champion Baconshark left out in the cold at the moment.  Although the Champ will probably get one sooner or later as he has been to the finals 3 times in the past 3 weeks, losing all three matches with it all tied up in a 5th match.

Danny Awesome!, who again lost in round 1 despite winning the first match on his opponents’ multiple fouls, was the Street RPS winner on the night with a total of 91.  Surprisingly (to me at least – Ed.), this now puts him in the lead for the Street RPS prize on the season by $1 over Mr. Strawberry!

Thanks to the Trocadero, who kicked in some tickets for both finalists and a friend to go see Duran Duran on Thursday night!

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