¡Véale Puta más tarde, Femenina de Ninja!

Sad news – 4 year PBRPSCLCS veteran Female Ninja Whore (that’s her after winning her first tourney in 2006 remembered widely for the classic FNW – Fingers Make Me Happy match) won’t be playing around here anymore.  She’s moved off to Mexico to take part in a family business, even though her family isn’t Mexican. 

But whatever, we wish her (and the business) the best of luck down there.  We’ll miss saying your name (well, one of us will), your intense style of play, and shocking the local Rock Paper Scissors community by winning the first three tournaments you ever played in.  Show those locals how to play a little Meza las Tijeras de Papel and all of Philly will look forward to your win at the 2010 Mexican National Championships.

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  1. female ninja whore says:

    Awww, I didn´t see this post til last night! I´m sorry I missed the Mexican Nationals by mere days! Will keep you posted on the Sayulita RPS Town League!

  2. [...] you may remember, old pro Female Ninja Whore packed up and took her RPS game (and everything else) to Mexico back in late 2009.  But she’s on a little siesta back here in Philadelphia, just in time for [...]

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