1st August Off-Season Tournament at Raven Lounge August 3rd! A Few Old-Timers Rolling Through Town In August!

There will most likely be two tournaments in August – for a few reasons.  1) September has a ton of things going down at PBRPRPSCLCS HQ and there is a bit of uncertainty as to if a September tourney is feasible and 2) there’s a few former City League players who have moved away coming back into town who may or may not (yeah, right) want to get their RPS on while they’re visiting (that’s one up there that’s almost impossible to figure out – great job by our graphics department).

So anyway, the first August tourney is going to be at the Raven Lounge (1718 Sansom) on Monday August 3rd.  Similar to the way things went down at the Raven during the 2009 Pabst Blue Ribbon Rock Paper Scissors City League season it’s an early one.  Registration starts at 7 and competition will begin around 7:45.  $3 entry and prizes will be awarded.  $20 bar tab for the Street Rock Paper Scissors Champ on the night, who will most likely be the mystery guy below who’s probably yelling for Freebird. 

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