Championship Information

So here’s the deal:

The 2009 Pabst Blue Ribbon Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League Championship is this Saturday, June 13th.  It’s at Connie’s Ric Rac (1132 S. 9th – between Washington and Ellsworth).

Anyone who played this season (even those who do not qualify for the Championship) can get in for $10.  That’s $10 for unlimited Pabst Blue Ribbon, Jim Beam and various snacks including some food generously donated by Whole Foods Market (while it lasts).  Anyone who did not play this season and is coming to the Championship it’s $20 to get in for the same thing – plus even if you’re playing or don’t play you still get Street bucks and are eligible for that prize ($100) at the end of the night.  Reminder – just because the drinks are all included in your entry fee does not mean you should not tip the guys giving them to you.

We all know the winner gets $1000 and the runner-up gets $250.  There will be a 3rd place prize this year (shameful, shameful bronze) and that pays out $50.  As mentioned previously, the Street RPS winner gets $100 as well.  Unlike regular season tournaments there is no special to get more Street, because there are no specials to buy.

We’re going to open the doors at 7 PM.  Competition is going to start around 8-8:15.  You must be on-site by 7:50, because the original brackets take a bit of time to account for who is there and who is not and once those are set they are not being undone.  So there must be a firm headcount by 7:50.There will be two special guest refs on-hand to assist in the first two rounds.  They are well trained and what they say is final.  This is a Championship and things like irregular primes will by no means be tolerated.

The standings will be updated either very late tonight or tomorrow.  In addition to that, e-mail invitations containing the same info I’ve just posted here will be sent to qualifiers most likely tonight after the final tournament at the Dive – If I don’t have your e-mail get it over to me.

And I didn’t think I’d have to say this but after last year it needs to be said: Do not steal anything from Connie’s Ric Rac.

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