Loomer Does It Again! City of Philadelphia Tires of Majestic 12 RPS Domination in 2009!

Loomer (above, showing you how many wins he has this season) tied his own record (now shared with Billy Shears) for wins in a season with 4 on the year after taking home a down-to-the-wire match against the Evil Notary (who looked a bit like the PBRPRPSCLCS official notary Von Damonator, but more evil I suppose).  It was Loomer’s sixth time in the finals this year and he distanced himself a little from teammate Billy Shears in the standings, as Billy Shears arrived a little too late for competition.  After checking the records, it seems that the Majestic 12 are dominating even more than they did last year during the regular season – they’ve won 10 out of 18 tournaments (though to be fair 8 of the 10 were Loomer and Billy Shears and another one was before Biggs Darklighter joined) and I can understand why people on the street yell at them “let someone else win, will ya?”.  The Evil Notary, despite losing a tight championship, did have the best tagline of the night telling his opponents “You’ve been notarized” upon their defeat.

B-Pac (that’s him up above) put an end to the possibility of another MJ-12 sweep on the night as he defeated the Fighting Mongooses in a tournament style Street RPS match to end up with $107 on the night and his first ever Street RPS victory.  Fast Primes at Ridgemont High teammate Dr. Hambone, Esq. appeared a little tense afterwards as those extra 2 points will get B-Pac a little closer to catching him in the Rookie of the Year race.

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