Mid-Week Score Update

The City League Championship is coming up quick – it’ll be June 13th (two weeks from this coming Saturday) at Connie’s Ric Rac.  If you haven’t come out to play at all/too much yet it’s not too late to get into the game and qualify for the Champs, but the PBRPRPSCLCS would recommend that you get out playing pretty soon and play often starting tonight at the Dive. 

There may be some chance to play catch-up the last week of the season as there’s a rumor going around the offices that it may once again be Double Points Week.  This is just an unconfirmed rumor though, so don’t get too worked up about it.  The Executive Committee is still talking it over.

Anyway – here’s the score update:

Total Points: Loomer is still in command here at 53.  Frankie13 and Billy “12 Gauge” Shears are technically tied for 2nd, but the power ranking advantage goes to Billy Shears as he scored 46 in 11 tries and Frankie13 scored the same in 15 tries.  Dr. Hambone, Esq. is in 4th with 39 and could probably really make some noise if things go well for him tonight.

Rookie of the year: Still Dr. Hambone here with 39.  B-Pac is 2nd at 30 and dOGulas has 28.  This one isn’t over yet, unlike last year when Loomer had it pretty much taken care of in week 4.

Street Champ: Frankie13 still leads it here with 305, the Fighting Mongooses is in 2nd with 259 and Grim Trigger is in 3rd with 229.  These rankings are the easiest to shake up.  This, most likely, will come down to the last night of regular season play.

Team Prize: The Fighting Mongooses got the Majestic 12 another win on the year on Tuesday to push their season-leading total to 158.  The ever-growing David Bowie’s Package is in 2nd with 101.  The odds of the Majestic 12 winning the team prize for the 2nd straight season seem pretty good minus one heck of a showing by DBP the last two weeks combined with an epic fail by the MJ-12.

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