Mid-Week Score Update

Here it is – the 2nd to last update of the season.  Don’t forget that Double Points Week starts tonight at the Dive so the standings can change pretty quickly.  That gives you all 4 double points tournaments to end the season to make things happen for yourselves.  ALSO NOTE: There are minimum tournament attendance requirements to be invited to the Championship on June 13th.

Total Points - Top ten looks like this: 1) Loomer 65, 2) Billy Shears 55, 3) Frankie13 53, 4) Dr. Hambone Esq. 45, 5) B-Pac 37 6) The Fighting Mongooses 35, 7) dOGulas 32, 8 ) Paper Tiger 32, 9) El Toro Papaya 30, 10) Hand Turkey 23

Rookie of the year is a three way race with Dr. Hambone Esq. out in front of B-Pac and dOGulas as you can see in the standings up above.

Street RPS Champ – The Fighting Mongooses has taken a slight lead over Frankie13 here by a score of 352-348.  Others close to the top include Dr. Hambone, Esq. with 278 and Grim Trigger with 229.

Team Prize – There’s almost no way imaginable that the Majestic 12 do not win this for the 2nd year in a row.  They lead 202 – 115 over David Bowie’s Package.

On another note, the cap on tournaments at 32 players has been removed.

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