PSU Roars to Victory at Dirty Franks!

PSU (above, right – with his teammate Rutgers enjoying Pabst Blue Ribbon) of the newly formed team R.P.S.U. tore through a sell-out crowd at Dirty Franks making his professional debut by defeating such RPS heavyweights as Posthumyn, Loomer and Dogulas before finally ending the night with one of the most intense matches of the season against Vertical Paper in the finals.  It was a fine start for PSU, who promises to “hit that line, roll up the score, and fight on to victory evermore”.

There was a lot going on at Dirty Franks – there were two new teams formed (R.P.S.U. and Midwestern Ninjas), plus the return of one of the first teams in City League history – the Dutch Army, who didn’t fair too badly considering they haven’t played RPS competitively since 2007 and had a bit of rust to knock off those scissors.

Oh, and on top of that Rock Doctor (that’s him up there) was back in town (he lives in California now) for this one night!  And how did the good Doctor and his team Feed the Pony pals celebrate?  By winning the Street RPS tournament of course.  He took it home with a total of $101 and vows to carry that momentum on over to an appearance at the 2009 Roshambo Winery Southwest Pro-Ams (or whatever they’re calling it these days) on June 6th.  Best of strategy up there in bizarro RPS land with those weird two-prime rules, delicious wine in place of delicious Pabst Blue Ribbon, and a long history of the world’s favorite RPS heroes losing to 9 year olds.

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