2010 Season Start of Season Notes!

A few notes as we begin the 2010 season on Monday:

Thanks again to our sponsors for 2010:

Von Damonator has been trained hard and well and has been certified as an official tournament referee (as well as the official notary of the League).  He will be running the show on Monday nights.  He will still be permitted to compete at the other 3 tournaments throughout the week as well as the 2010 Championship.  Your Commissioner may or may not compete some Mondays, but will not be eligible to qualify for the Championship.

The minimum tournament requirement for the Championship has been raised to 5 (up from 3 last year).  You will still also need to score enough points (in the top 64) to be invited.  This is an update to the longstanding “Johnny Goodtimes Rule”.

Speaking of 2006 City League Champion Goodtimes, the Championship trophy has been renamed the Johnny Goodtimes Memorial Trophy.  The Champion this year will also receive a framed and autographed picture of the PBRPRPSCLCS inaugural champion.

The Championship will return to Connie’s Ric Rac for the 3rd year running on June 12th.  Request off of work now if you feel this will be an issue.

There have been a few team changes from last year:

  • The Foes of Strawbanus (pictured at right, mostly) have renamed themselves the Chums of Chutney in honor of 2009 Champion Sexual Chutney
  • Fast Primes at Ridgemont High has disbanded and reformed with various other rookies and veterans as RPS Speedwagon.  They seem to be intent of ending the Majestic 12’s reign as the top RPS team in the city.
  • Loomer has retired and moved to Japan, weakening the Majestic 12 by at least 90 points this season.  Hulk Hoagie is returning to competition, but it remains to be seen if he will return as part of MJ-12 or as a free agent.
  • David Bowie’s Package has lost two of the new members they picked up last year as dOGulas and Ziro have split off to form The Lone Wolves, who seem to have infected Facebook with cryptic messages the past few days.

7 Responsesto “2010 Season Start of Season Notes!”

  1. Squid says:

    I would just like to say that if people keep sending those cryptic ass messages to my phone…so help me God. We fear you not, emo kids!

  2. B-Pac says:

    The majestic who?

  3. female ninja whore says:

    I would like to register my protest at the new trophy name. that is all.

  4. rhymeswithsausage says:

    the bees are on the what now?

  5. dOGulas says:

    █ ▀_error occur[ on path╨=t7.220.

  6. dOGulas says:

    _://ALSO=p404:: _FEM/ALE__NINJâ–’A _WHORE:S
    //_SRSL__Y DUDE.c12_â–’[

  7. papertiger says:

    Those texts seem like they’re from a bad Cronenberg movie…

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