Rumor: 2nd Floor of the Dive to Go Smoke Free!

The PBRPRPSCLCS’s oldest home, the Dive, which has hosted on Thursdays every season since the inception of the league in 2006,  has decided to go smoke-free on the 2nd floor starting the end of this week according to the rumor the PBRPRPSCLCS is hearing on the street.

Those who long complained that this venue should be removed from the host rotation due to smokiness will be happy to hear that they are now, rumor has it, free to return to compete on Thursday nights without fear of “the silent killer” (or is that hypertension?).  It also validates one of the PRBPRPSCLCS’s core beliefs that many great things are accomplished through inactivity.

Update: the 2nd floor is not smoke free all the time but will be for RPS on Thursdays.

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