Bill From The Real Name Brigade Denies J. Martin Hill’s Repeat Attempt at the Dive!

Bill (that’s him over to the right) from the newly-formed Real Name Brigade (members so far: Bill, Pamela, Tommy) made it to the finals at the Dive to take on last week’s Champ, J. Martin Hill.  Bill took a 2 match lead rather quickly and the first throw in match 3, but there would be no historic comeback for J. Martin Hill again this week.  Bill refused to give up the lead in the match and his hold on the title or the prize of Dive beer money.  Maybe to use towards the purchase of Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jim Beam!  He won it 3-0 and made it look almost effortless in the process.

It seems that B-Pac has turned into the Loomer of Street RPS this season (that’s a good thing).  He took home another one to put him at 5 on the season and a season total of 700 RPS dollars.  There’s still 3 weeks left in the 2010 season and B-Pac has already bested the previous season record by 84 Street bucks.  Memo the B-Pac: they pay out $1000 for the Street Rock Paper Scissors prize at the World Championships.

Old timers return:

  • the crowd was quite pleased to see No-Ro, who’s been out in Roshambo Land (California) and made his way back to Philly RPS for the first time since the 2006 season.  No-Ro made it to round 3, but couldn’t go any further.  It’s possible that he was thrown off by the crazy 3 primes that the East Coast uses.  Oh, and is the proper way.
  • Even the Ref was surprised to see Sometimes Scissors roll in way past the end of registration and try to play for the first time this year.  After a kind ref allowed it, Sometimes Scissors showed how rusty those scissors are and bowed out in round 1.  We’ll see if Sometimes Scissors returns again in 2010.

3 Responsesto “Bill From The Real Name Brigade Denies J. Martin Hill’s Repeat Attempt at the Dive!”

  1. J Martin Hill says:

    Uggh. One of the worst matches I ever played (after beating Paper Tiger in one of the best matches I ever played). That’s twice thus far, Bill.

  2. BPac says:

    I am NOT moving to Japan.

  3. rhymeswithsausage says:

    B-Pac: for the purposes of extending the simile, David Bowie’s Package is prepared to teach you Life Lessons. Unless that was a metaphor. Either way, prepare for impact.

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