Blacksmith’s Apron Gets Win #2 This Week at The Dive!

It was a good week for Blacksmith’s Apron already after Enrico Pallatzo won on Tuesday.  But a good week got even better, as newest member Omar’s Pompador (at right, middle) finished his training and came out to play for the first time this season.  He made it to the finals to face the Scissors Blizzard of the Majestic 12.  In the finals The Scissors Blizzard was getting smoked, had a really thrilling comeback to tie it, almost blew it again, came back to tie again and then lost on the last throw.  It was a great final match witnessed by a ton of spectators who cheered wildly, but quietly.

B-Pac from RPS Speedwagon won the Street RPS tournament.  He turned in his money early and still won 75-60 over PJ Rhymeswithsausage, who had also left by the time the money was collected.  In fact, it was the first time that all the street money was turned in before the ref asked people to turn it in.  So good job people, you made history last night.

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