Danny Taser! Electrifies the Crowd at Dirty Franks!

Danny Taser! (formerly Danny Awesome!) shocked all the competitors, spectators, and referees (note: possibly also God him/herself) combined at Dirty Franks by winning the first tournament of his young RPS career.  It was his 2nd appearance ever in the finals and Danny Taser! (formerly this Rock is a Pipe Bomb) was matched against relative newcomer Philly Phil.  

In a match that looked a lot like the finals at The Dive last week, Danny Taser! (formerly This Barack is a Hope Bomb)  took an almost insurmountable lead, choked it away pretty quickly (much like his last finals appearance), looked again like he had it in the bag but didn’t, and then finally claimed that elusive victory with everything tied up in the final throw of 5 sets.  Needless to say, it was pretty exciting.  Congrats to the victor – it’s always good to get that first win under your belt.

On a side note: Danny Taser! was the only member of the Chums of Chutney there on the night, but they’ve had representatives at four tournaments this year and won three of them.  Other teams – beware the Chums when you see them!  

In other Dirty Franks RPS news, B-Pac has won yet another Street RPS championship, making it three so far this season.  He turned in a mighty 156 with the next closest at 45.  That six extra points so is really helping him stay within striking distance of point leader and teammate Sir Faust.  In fact, the top four spots are currently all occupied by members of RPS Speedwagon, who are off to quite a good start in 2010.

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