Denominator Wins First Ever Title at The Dive!

It’s been a long time coming, but the Denominator (coach of the Dirty Dozen)took home the title of PBRPRPSCLCS champion for the first time in his career at the January off-season tourney held at the Dive.  After defeating Grundle Gripper in  a rare “teammates” final four, it was on to meet the heavily favored 2009 PBRPRPSCLCS Rookie of the Year, Dr. Hambone.  To the surprise of the crowd and the social media representatives on-hand The Denominator blew out Dr. Hambone in the finals, and all hailed the new champ, as well as the referee.  On a side note, all PBRPRPSCLCS refs will be pleased when the regular season resumes and all players return to their familiar competition names.

In the street Rock Paper Scissors scene, Ontario Banderas of the Majestic 12 came in, went about his business, turned in his money and left well before the collection was called for.  And he still defeated the Schitzofrenic guy by a count of 87-51.  A good day at the office for Mr. Banderas, except for that whole losing in the second round thing.

A few other items of interest from the January tournament: A retired player may be coming out of retirement, two long-lost players returned home to embarrassing  first round losses, and many thanks to B-Pac for live tweeting the tournament on behalf of @PhillyRPS.  We’ll tinker with this idea (the Twitter one) a little bit before the season actually starts.

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