Dr. Hambone Operates With Precision at the Raven Lounge!

Last season’s Rookie of the Year Dr. Hambone from RPS Speedwagon has beem going through a bit of a slump recently.  But that looks like a thing of the past after a dominating perfomance at the Raven Lounge.  He met up in the finals with That’s What She Said from the Monsters of Rock (who may also know a little something about breaking out of a season-long slump herself).  It was a pretty even affair up until the end of match two, but once Dr. Hambone took that one it was smooth sailing from there and he cruised to a 3-o Championship victory.

Ray Charles Stevie Wonder from the Monsters of Rock won the Street RPS tournament, in what is one of the few times this season that the top two agreed to play one final match to figure out who the champ would be.  El Toro Papaya requested a tournament style match and Stevie Wonder responded by whooping him to take a mighty 146 fake dollars on the night.  Stevie Wonder would have won in close one anyway, but playing for it is always more sporting.

In other news, Feed the Pony member Posthumyn came back to town for a night!  She looked pretty rusty and was eliminated in round 2, learning the same lesson Mr. Strawberry has learned about living in Delaware and negative effect it has on your RPS game.

Also of interest, Enrico Pallatzo was unable to attend the tournament due to what was described as an “injured Sally”.  Let’s all hope that Sally is all right and that Enrico returns to competition soon.

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