J. Martin Hill Hikes Up Comeback Trail to Win at the Dive!

J. Martin Hill (pictured at right), who just recently escaped from a two year prison-like term residence in Gaithersburg MD, made it to the finals for the first time in his career last night at the Dive.  He met up with Enrico Pallatzo, from Blacksmith’s Apron, who was gunning for his second tournament win this season.  When the Championship match began J. Martin Hill appeared to be outworked and overmatched, as Enrico Pallatzo was up by two sets and one throw in the blink of an eye.  But J. Martin Hill focused, took a sip of his Pabst Blue Ribbon and then pulled off a comeback for the ages – winning the next two throws and then the next two sets to take down Enrico Pallatzo in what was one of the greatest RPS matches ever played in Philadelphia (Enrico Pallatzo may feel differently).

Overcoming this massive deficit is a rare occurance, and usually when it happens it’s because someone choked harder than most could imagine.  But this had a different feel, where J. Martin Hill just fell completely into the zone and Enrico Pallatzo (through no fault of his own) was helpless to do anything other than throw exactly what his opponent wanted him to.  It was, to the RPS professionals on hand, awe-inspiring.  Afterwards, to sum up his feelings regarding his triumph on the night, J. Martin Hill didn’t say it with his mouth, but he said it with his eyes – “I’m just glad I don’t live in Gaithersburg anymore”.

There was a whole lot of Street RPS money floating around at the Dive, and the final tally was pretty close.  Dick Nasty (the guy to the left) ended up winning his 4th Street Rock Paper Scissors title this season on the night.  He handed in 113 to just make it past B-Pac (103) and Ohne Brunen (101). 

In the spirit of Rock Paper Scissors, one tournament just wasn’t enough for the crowd in attendance.  So after J. Martin Hill won, there was a 2nd tourney (that involved no points) and that one was won by the bad boy of Philly RPS – The Neutral Finger (pictured next to Richard Nasty).  The Neutral Finger may or may not have said it was the first of many victories to come his way as we embark upon the second half of the 2010 season.

8 Responsesto “J. Martin Hill Hikes Up Comeback Trail to Win at the Dive!”

  1. dOGulas says:

    Shawn, don’t encourage him.

    Unless I can’t spit hot fire on Monday’s anymore in which case encourage the SHIT out if him.


  2. dOGulas says:

    *of him.

  3. Yes, that was quite a defeat. Not a good way to lose a finals. I’ll just take out my frustrations on Frankie 13 on Tuesday night.

  4. rhymeswithsausage says:

    damn. you reached waaaaay back for that burn, didn’t ya?

  5. J Martin Hill says:

    Definitely not a choke. Enrico-phobia is very real… and I’ve seen it take hold of rookies and veterans alike. He’s one of the best rock throwers out there. Right up there with El Toro Papaya and Baconshark. I was honored to throw paper.

  6. le_tigre says:

    Nice, J. Martin Hill! Glad to see you took home the victory. I predict complete dominance at Franks the rest of the season.

  7. papertiger says:

    but…but neither of them have beards.
    Must rethink my strategy.

  8. BPac says:

    I learned this night that alcohol IS the answer.

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