Laura T. Takes Home the Title at Yelp’s Spring Feastival!

Laura T. won the title at the Yelp Spring Feastival this past Saturday at the Comcast Center.  She took down Andre B. (who some of you may know) in the finals by a count of 2 matches to 0.  It was no fluke, as Laura T. also turned in the most Street RPS money of all the players that qualified.  She totally dominated all day. 

So what did Laura T. win?  All kinds of stuff.  She got a copy of the Official RPS Strategy Guide, a copy of the documentary Rock Paper Scissors: a Geek Tragedy, one of these very nice posters available from the World RPS Society, and a 30 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon that she got to carry home!  Congrats Laura T.!

Many thanks to Yelp Philly as this is the second event in three months that they invited the PBR Philadelphia Rock Paper Scissors City League to attend as a vendor (there were many delicious Pabst Blue Ribbons and PBR Lights won throughout the day).  Want to get a pass to all this and more?  Head over to Yelp and sign up for their Elite Squad.  Do it!

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  1. BPac says:

    That is totally awesome! I wish I came.

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