Neutral Finger Victorious as RPS Speedwagon Earns Perfect Team Score at the Dive!

The Neutral Finger (playing under the alias Hurt Feelings, center, with PBR) met up with his teammate Dick Nasty in the finals at the Dive in a matchup of 2010 perfect attendees who had yet to win a Championship.  It was a good and exciting match as they took it to the limit until The Neutral Finger came out on top.  It was an all RPS Speedwagon final four as all four members who attended made it in.  If one of them were to win the Street RPS tournament than it would be one of the few perfect team scores ever recorded (previously only ever accomplished by the Majestic 12).

And wouldn’t you know it – B-Pac won the Street RPS tournament on the night, slightly besting PJ Rhymsewithsausage to collect yet another Street title here in 2010.  B-Pac was willing to play for it, but PJ declined, giving B-Pac the win and RPS Speedwagon the maximum of 24 points a team can get at one tournament.

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