Rock Hard Dominates Your Mom at Teri’s in September!

Rock Hard (above, middle) from the Badass Motherf*ckers has had a pretty good off-season so far and it got a lot better after he won the first tournament of his career at Teri’s in September.  He won in the finals against Your Mom, who had the rookie jitters in the Championship round and gave up many, many points on technicality.  Probably the most in a championship round ever in the history of the world.  In Rock Hard’s defense, when there actually was a throw to win he did and the final match was a total blowout in his favor.   He was then surrounded by ladies (above, left and right) as most Rock Paper Scissors champions are after their victory.

Rock Hard was playing so well that he couldn’t confine his fineness to just the official arena of play.  He also won the Street RPS tourney on the night (for the 2nd month in a row!), defeating his closest competitor, PJ Rhymeswithsausage by a pretty decent amount.  Mr. Rhymeswithsausage offered to play for it, but Rock Hard played it smart – having learned a good leason from his August win over Bootylicious about knowing when to hold ‘em.

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