RPS Speedwagon Sweeps End of Season Prizes

Congrats to RPS Speedwagon, who took all four end of season prizes.

Sir Faust won total points with 101

B-Pac won Street with a ridiculous $1117 turned in.  This is about $500 more than the previous season record.

Dick Nasty won a very spirited Rookie of the Year campaign, which wasn’t even decided until the last street count of the year, which would have tied things up and forced the 2nd matchup of the night between them.

And of course they won the team prize.  Badass Motherf*ckers placed a distant 2nd.

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  1. Dick Nasty says:

    I am going to petition whoever is in charge of the Chinese calander to officially rename 2010 The Year of the Wagon.

  2. Dr. Hambone says:


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