Some Guy Named Bryan is Etching Things of Places

Recognize this place?

Looks like a guy somewhere in upstate New York has started a site about the etchings of cities that he does on Etch-A-Sketch machines.  You can go check it out if you want (you should want) over here.  The Philadelphia one is looking pretty good so far and there’s some nice work of other cities who aren’t good at RPS but have more robots, like Chicago.  This is pretty impressive stuff as some of us don’t really have the attention span to set up off-season tournaments once a month, let alone put in the time this must take.

What you’re saying right now – what’s this got to do with RPS?  Well, since everyone in upstate NY knows each other, it looks like this Bryan fellow is somehow associated with Robot Frank (above, silver, with Robot Ron), a robot who would make a fine, fine Philadelphian.  One thing we here at PBRPRPSCLCS HQ are pretty sure about is that this etcherman is not Rock Star Bruce.  It’s just not his style.

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