Tap Rack Bang Overcomes Early Fouls to Win at the Dive!

It took rookie player Tap Rack Bang (at right, being naughty) a little while to shake off the rookie jitters in her first few professional matches (and missing the announcing of the rules probably played a part in this as well) - but despite several red cards she still proceeded to win in rounds 1 (in fact the only points B-Pac scored were by technicallity) & 2.  By round 3 it was clear, red card free sailing all the way to the finals where she met up with the 2007 PBRPRPSCLCS Champion Baconshark.  It was arguably the best finals seen so far this season, with Tap Rack Bang coming out on top to earn the victory for her as well as her team – The Monsters of Rock.

Zombie Llama of Team David Bowie’s Package (left, in the bathroom) agreed to play for the Street RPS title not knowing that he would have already won if he had said no.  But it worked out pretty good for him as he beat up on Pete the Beat in a half-hustle match to win both stacks of bills.  Such a strategy could be helpful to anyone looking to win the end of season Street Money prize.

Last night also marked the return of the first ever Rock Paper Scissors champ at the Dive, Always Scissors.  He hadn’t lost a match in over four years!  Of course, this was because he hadn’t played in four years.  His Scissors were a little rusty, and the former champ lost in the first round (the first loss of his career).  We look forward to seeing him play again at the Dive in April of 2014.

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